For instance, I'm intrigued by the lyrics in the song "Sorceresses" in the Witcher 2 game and would like to know what it means. Is this the right place to ask?


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It seems to me that soundtrack questions are similar to this type of question:

  • Plot and characters in games

which are specifically mentioned in the FAQ. We have questions like the Portal 2 soundtrack question that badp linked above, questions about game location ... there are even questions about custom music within games and non-English lines in games*. Those all seem to be questions about the environment within games.

Having said that, I think the content of the question is still important. I think if you want to know what the lyrics are, that's a question that fits the site well: it's practical and answerable. If you want to know what they mean, that could possibly be the type of question where every answer is equally valid (and thus the question would likely be closed), unless someone were able to track down a post on an official site that said "This is why we chose those lyrics".

*note that the answer to this question turned out to be "they don't mean anything", but I think the type of question is more important than the actual example, as indicated in the meta discussion. (If it helps, imagine that they asked "What are the Nazi soldiers saying in the original Castle Wolfenstein?")

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