If there are multiple games in a series that share a common name, how should these be tagged?

Take How do I lower my weapon in Halo 3? for example.

Should this be tagged:

  • halo-3 only, as it refers only to Halo 3?
  • halo and halo-3, to allow all Halo questions to be found under one tag? (With halo-1 or combat-evolved to differentiate from the original?)
  • Something else?

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This is analogous to how the other sites treat Windows questions for example.

  • windows for generic questions
  • windows-xp, windows-vista, windows-7, etc for specific versions.

so your first example would be the way.

You can specify wildcards in your interesting tags so "halo*" would find all questions tagged "halo", "halo-2", "halo-combat-evolved" etc.


I would suggest the following:

  • What is Samus backstory? [metroid-series]
  • What hapens when you get 100% completion on metroid? [metroid] [nes]
  • How to beat the last boss in metroid prime 3? [metroid-prime-corruption] [wii] [spoiler]

Using the series (or even universe) addition will prevent confusion, when the first game has the same name as the series or the respective universe ([half-life] anyone?)


I would use as follows:

Question: What is Master Chief's backstory? Tag: halo

Question: How do I get the recon armor? Tag: halo-3

I don't think it's ever necessary to use both for one question.


If the consensus lies with ChrisF, we need to do more to retain consistency. Lots of StarCraft II questions are being tagged starcraft and starcraft-2.

Edit: Hopefully I've fixed this specific problem correctly. StarCraft I questions are currently tagged [starcraft], whereas I think [starcraft-1]/[starcraft-i]* would be more appropriate. I won't change all those questions without the thoughts of others though.

*Related issue: Tagging games with numbers as series

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