Do we accept questions about non-video games? With the Board & Card games site proposal, I would guess no, but it is not blazingly obvious from the Gaming Stack Exchange site itself.


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This site is for video games only. Video games require the use of some kind of electronic device, such as:

  • A computer (including web/Flash games, etc, and PC-based emulators)
  • A gaming console (including handheld consoles)
  • A cell phone or similar mobile device (including iPad-like devices)

Where can I ask questions about RPGs or Board/Card games?

What about video-game renditions of classic board/card games (Go, Poker, Scrabble etc)?

If your question is not about the general rules & strategy of the game itself but instead about the functionality of the video game (e.g. questions about how to take an action, difficulty levels of A.I. opponents, or how to earn an achievement/trophy etc), then you can ask it here.


Personally I think it's a good idea to allow board games, card games etc.

Unfortunately (for me), the proposal was worded clearly with electronic gaming in mind.

  • I agree. We should allow D&D and Magic questions here :D Commented Jul 15, 2010 at 2:58

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