Why are there only 12 Wii Demos?

My previous nickname was 0101, I do know it's not just text, because I get alert if some writes @myNickName

P.S. I like to change nicknames once in a while and it's not a BIG bug, just saying.

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The page now shows your updated nickname. Usually those fields are cached and need some time to update.

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    I should have followed the link, I thought he meant @user stuff in comments. Feb 6, 2011 at 9:01
  • @Fabian Oh, yeah, that's just text to the server and can't be updated
    – badp
    Feb 6, 2011 at 9:04

Actually, it is just text. It is not a special name type object, but a set of string comparisons done against all display names at the time of submission/edit. You can check the full details on comment reply rules here. So in being just plain comment text, it's not a dynamic entry that can just update when your profile changes.

Text update would have a chance for making exceptionally awkward addresses if the reply wasn't the full name, which is common for many users who use names with spaces. @Grace Note is used to refer to me often, but only the @Grace actually triggers a reply. If I were to, say, change my name to Diamond Wedding, then all those replies would end up reading as @DiamondWedding Note.

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