Our tag got absolutely smashed with new questions when the game first came out. As such, we have many kinda-related questions about system requirements (screen resolution, RAM, whether specific devices can run the game etc), in various states of open/closed/duplicate.

A lot of the answers are outdated, just from Niantic slowly upping the system requirements over the years, and thus I think it's worth reviewing and duplicating them to one canonical1 question, which can be kept up to date easier, helping future readers find the information they're after.

This is the most generic system requirements question I can find, and given the view count, it's probably our best candidate for a canonical question: Pokemon Go Supported Devices. Full disclosure: I answered it, but the answer is currently out of date2.

Below are the ones I've found over the past couple of days. (I've answered some of them too in the past). I've broken them into general topic areas:

Troubleshooting crashes

The following questions pertain to devices crashing/failing to run the game due to poor performance:


a.k.a. "Can I run it?". Note that all of these specific devices are now majorly out of spec for Pokemon Go:

Questions about specific requirements

These focus on a specific requirement rather than just generally all requirements. I am personally considering duplicating them to the canoncial as well, but I also understand if people want them kept separate:

iPods and iPads without GPS or Mobile/Cellular Data

This subset of questions are specific to iPods without accurate location data (i.e. location is determined by nearby Wi-Fi rather than GPS). These could have their duplicate lists edited to also link to the system requirements canonical:

This might not be the exhaustive list, so let me know if you come across others that could also be included, or if another question is a better candidate for a canonical.

With all that said, I turn this over to the community at large: Do you think it's a good idea to nominate a canonical here, and mark the rest as a duplicate? Are there any concerns or caveats that I've overlooked?

1 This canonical should be distinct from the one about PC system requirements, given it's a mobile game (and specific to Pokemon Go)
2 I will update the answer before beginning the process of marking other questions as duplicates

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All of the above questions (bar one) have been marked as a duplicate of the canonical question: How to check if my device will run Pokemon Go? What devices are supported?, on which I have also updated the answer.

The one that I didn't mark duplicate is How do I avoid 'No GPS signal' in Pokemon Go on an iPad with a GPS? - this is more generally about poor GPS signal, and not necessarily about being incompatible.

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