Are GIF files allowed as submissions for screenshot(s) of the 2 weeks?

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Like Fabian Röling said, the .gif file format works (the Imgur service Stack Exchange uses supports it), but do not use an animated .gif, which I suspect is what you meant by this question.

For one, an animation isn't really a screenshot, but also, the sidebar content doesn't support an animation, and it would be very distracting to have an animation constantly moving on the site on nearly every page. If your submission won, we couldn't post it on the sidebar!


The image format is probably not too important, but please do not post an animation. It is bad for accessibility and mobile data plans and just plain annoying to have something constantly loop in the sidebar.

  • The (mobile) data is a good point. I know a friend who told me he has to buy the gigs monthly, and even 1 gig/month is expensive for him, where he lives. I've been so used to how abundant the Internet is where I live, that I actually forget not everyone is lucky enough to have good coverage.
    – Clockwork
    Commented Mar 28 at 15:37

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