I want to make sure this won't break the rules, so I'm asking here first.

I am on the final trophy of Pacman World Repac, which is to beat level 9 of Original Pacman. There 3 are patterns to follow, one for level 1, one for levels 2-4, and one for levels 5 and on to far past level 9. I can get through levels 1-4 without any trouble, as the patterns aren't terrible. But the pattern for level 5 and on is much more complex, and I am struggling to practice it. It's also annoying spending 5 minutes to get to level 5, just to fail the pattern and have to restart.

I want to avoid asking a recommendation question, but I still want to know how best to practice this pattern. I've tried emulating old Pacman world games for PS1/2, but the Original Pacman implementations in those games is a different ROM, and not the one from Repac (supposedly the original arcade cabinet is in Repac). How can I best proceed on Arqade, or is Reddit maybe a better place to ask?

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Your question, as it is, is not an off-topic recommendation question. The question isn't a request for subjective recommendation advice, unlike the ones described in the Stack Overflow blog post, "Q&A is Hard, Let’s Go Shopping!". While some might see it as an off-topic recommendation question, I would like to remind everyone of the community consensus in multiple prior Arqade Meta posts about the matter:


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