The new first answer and first question queues let you do these actions:

enter image description here

I've encountered a couple of posts that were a spam question and a question posted as an answer. The actions suggested were not useful to me:

  • They didn't clearly look OK
  • There was no reason to edit them
  • The default feedbacks only give suggestions on how to improve questions/answers to new users

If I leave a custom comment and/or flag the post nothing is registered as an actual action made by the reviwer. So, how should I manage these situations?


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At present, the current way to use these queues is to either leave feedback using the canned comments, (which get written on the post by the Community user), mark the post as "Looks Ok", or edit the post in question. You can also perform an "Other Action" (see below) to also finish the review item. You can flag the post if it needs it, but currently this will not allow you to complete the review task, leaving you in a weird position of having to still either leave feedback using the canned comments, or mark it as ok/edit it - all of which seem awkward to do after flagging the post.

There are a lot of improvements planned for these new queues, as discussed on the SE Meta site. There is a helpful answer of all the implemented/planned/rejected bug fixes and feature requests for the new queues on the post. I encourage you to check it out, as it is quite a lot to repeat here.

The biggest issue (in my opinion) that is currently being planned can be seen here - this deals with the flagging awkwardness I mentioned earlier.


Looks like the options now are the following:

enter image description here

The main change being the "Other Action" option, which will automatically be selected if you:

  • Flag the post
  • Vote to close (questions only)
  • Comment on the post
  • Upvote on an existing comment
  • Vote on the post
  • One thing I noticed (and its on the SE Meta post as a request) is the canned comments don't quite make sense for all sites. For example, the one canned comment asks the OP to provide a working solution with code, which doesn't really apply to our site.
    – Timmy Jim Mod
    Commented Sep 9, 2021 at 14:45

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