I recently made an edit to this question, which was subsequently reverted by the post owner. However, it was later rolled back again by a moderator to my edit:

Screenshot of the edit history for the question.

When I made the edit, I was awarded a simple 2 reputation points:

Screenshot of the reputation awarded for the edit.

And, when the post was rolled back by the owner, I lost those 2 reputation points:

Screenshot of the reversion message.

But, when the moderator rolled the post back to my edit, the reputation was not re-awarded. While this doesn't bother me, it does make me curious as to why the reputation would be awarded, and taken away, but not awarded back. Is this a bug, or by design? If it's by design, why?

Note: I'll add the tag if this is determined to be a bug.

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Your edit was not restored, it was rejected by the question owner. After a suggested edit is approved, it can still be rejected by the owner or a moderator, which then ends the review for good. A rollback to a previous edit does not then accept the suggested edit again, it simply restores a post's previous state.

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    Sounds fair enough, just made me really curious lol Aug 4, 2021 at 18:26

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