It seems like this duplicate has been raised a while before in the past, but has not achieved community consensus. Let's revisit this discussion one more time.

Related: Are Minecraft JE data packs considered mods?

First, please be careful not to confuse this with the technical support for modded Minecraft close reason.

We all know that questions about developing mods for games are prohibited on Arqade. However, we've had discussions about edge-case scenarios, such as the related question above.

After a little debate on this question, it brings up an important thing to address: Are Minecraft: Bedrock Edition add-ons/behaviour packs considered mods?

The question above was originally closed as a duplicate, but may need to be reopened depending on whether this falls under the game development reason, which will stem off the result of this discussion.

Arguments for Yes

  • They are a way of modifying your Minecraft experience outside-of-game.
  • They are closer to coding than they are to gaming.

Arguments for No

  • They fall in the same category as data packs, which we've agreed are not mods.
  • There isn't any real "programming" in it.
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    Does this answer your question? Are MCBE "behaviour packs" on-topic? – Schism Jul 23 at 1:28
  • ^ I flagged as a dupe of the above, but we didn't reach community consensus on that question, so perhaps it's fine to just leave this open and have that be a link. – Schism Jul 23 at 1:29
  • @Schism I'll edit this post to reflect that. I agree that this question should be left open. – ExpertCoder14 Jul 23 at 1:29

I believe behaviour packs are not mods, because:

  • They are built into the game.

  • They aren't made in a programming language (while technically and rarely they can include JavaScript we could define that as out of bounds, and that's another abnormal scenario since no one uses it since it only works on Windows 10 anyway)

What's in common with those? Resource packs. Resource packs while not requiring JSON can have JSON in them (which is what addons use!) and are also built into the game itself. In terms of on-topic or not behavior packs are no different than resource packs besides for involving a lot more text.

What's also on topic? Minecraft commands. (Pretty much) everyone agrees commands are on-topic and they are very similar in that they:

  • modify the game

  • use text to do it

  • both have a special syntax (command syntax and JSON)

One of the main differences is that commands are done in-game, and behavior packs through other software. But again what else is on-topic that uses other software? Resource packs!

I see these as similar to commands in that they should be allowed. When it comes to more complex questions that require tons of files thats where it gets questionable but asking about a snippet, for components, or values or what kind of options to use on something should all be on topic.

As another point, we have about 42 questions using the tag and I don't really see an issue with the type of questions we are currently getting. Granted they're not all about making them, but you can look through and see the type of questions we're getting.

  • Just a heads up, your answer goes against two other answers on the older discussion linked at the top of the question post. A rebuttal of the statements in those answers would do you very well, if possible. – ExpertCoder14 2 days ago

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