I asked this question: Name for games that have abusive in app purchases

I picked the best tag I could see for my question ().

My question was closed as “off-topic” because the terminology tag wiki said it was not for questions like mine. A quick read through the help center page about on-topic questions did not seem to indicate that my question was off topic, however.

It seems odd that a tag wiki can decide what is off topic for the site. I would have thought a retagging would be the right course (and that the terminology tag might have a suggested tag to aid me with this).

I am not super active on this stack exchange site (I am mostly on Stack Overflow). So I thought I would ask if this is how it works here.

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    Bear in mind that your question was mod closed. Mods have the power to override all rules, consensus, and common sense. – Studoku Jul 21 at 7:50
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    I didn't feel as though the question fit a too broad response. You gave a constraint and examples (in comments - which should probably be added to the question) to reference and further define the question. The answer is fairly concise and provides, imo, a suitable answer to the question. It's not an incredibly vague question - most people seem to understand the objective of the question. – n_plum Jul 21 at 14:42

has a long history, so let's try to retrace it.

The tag's first revision, back in 2010, explicitly mentions questions like yours as problematic, and the wording never left the description afterwards. This first revision also makes it clear that "single questions which ask for a list of answers (with one term per answer) do not fit well into the engine and are likely to be closed". This is not a rule specific to the tag, but an explanation of how the general rules apply to the tag.

The tag's wiki excerpt was edited shortly after to

For questions that ask what a gaming-specific term means.

This wording brings the information found only in the full description to the more accessible excerpt, although implicitly.

The tag then went untouched while questions kept getting asked, eventually resulting in this meta: Do we want to support "Is there a term for x" questions?

In it, a decision was seemingly reached, with answers against and for such questions scoring respectively +18/-1 and +13/-5 after two weeks.

This rule was not, however, added to the Tour or any Help pages - maybe because it could still fit under "Too broad", maybe because we only have four custom off-topic reasons - later resulting in meta questions like this: Add prohibition of "name this mechanic/design"-style questions to the tour
(For the record, I think all rules should be in the Tour and Help pages now)

In order to make the rule more visible, I later edited the wiki excerpt to explicitly mention the issues with such questions:

This tag is only for questions that ask what a gaming-specific term means - not for questions that ask to find terms that describe parts or characteristics of games; such questions are likely to be closed.

Not too long after, Robotnik edited the tag wiki into much better shape, providing better examples of allowed questions, ultimately also adding an example of questions that are not allowed in the excerpt.

So the tag wiki is not dictating that questions like yours are off-topic, it is explaining so.

As a side note, the meta where these questions were voted against no longer shows any consensus due to votes that were cast long after the question was asked. Whether this is from users disagreeing with having their own question closed and expressing that disagreement with their votes, or a genuine attempt to reverse the decision, I cannot say, but it might be time to revisit this rule. And, if the rule remains, add it to the Tour and Help pages.

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    I agree that it should be added to the Tour and Help pages. – Vaccano Jul 21 at 7:11
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    How does "the community" define which opinions count and which don't? – Studoku Jul 21 at 14:43
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    I've gone ahead and made a meta to revisit this policy, since the community seems divided on the issue. – Wipqozn Mod Jul 21 at 16:55

No, never. If a question is inappropriate for a tag, the tag should simply be removed from the question.

If the question is also off-topic for the site, then it should be closed.

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