This is driving me absolutely bananas so I have to ask about it at this point. I created a post that contains multiple inline code tags containing the letter L in it's lowercase form. However, these lowercase Ls appear, at least visually, like they've been translated to uppercase:

enter image description here

As a developer, I have myself assuming that this is an effect of the font used, and that it is by design. However, as an end user it's driving me up the wall... Is this a bug, or is this by design to ensure that readers can tell the difference between L and I? I noticed it doesn't happen here on meta.

Note: I purposely excluded the tag because it could be by design, which, I would absolutely understand. Once an answer confirms/denies this, the tag will be added or remain excluded as indicated by the confirmation/denial.

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    Related: What's the font used in code blocks?. It's likely the font. If you zoom in, the lower case l is slightly curved, and gives the appearance of being uppercased while normally zoomed – Wondercricket Jul 20 at 20:18
  • @Wondercricket I firmly believe it's a variance in font; however, my issue there is that the font family for code tags when inspected both here and on the primary site, is ff-mono. Meanwhile, the lowercase l doesn't curl here like it does on the primary. – Taco タコス Jul 20 at 20:35
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    I think it's related to how some fonts in that variable appear in italics, in particular. See l vs L vs l vs L – Unionhawk Jul 21 at 12:36

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