We already have blocked tags and tag warnings, but we need to expand this feature to block or warn about certain combinations of tags, not just the presence/absence of a certain tag.

This argument stems off of the problem where multiple tags are necessary, like with . We could have something like:

Minecraft Servers Tag Block

This example was from this argument.

Here, the tag would be blocked until you add one of the other tags that are required with it. We could have a combination block on unless the question also has or . This will catch people making the common mistake before it happens, saving them from having to wait long periods of time as their question is closed and reopened.

We could do this also with combination tag warnings:

If your question pertains to both editions of Minecraft, we'd prefer if you used a seperate question for each edition, unless you're sure the answer would be exactly the same in both editions.

If implemented, this should be used sparingly, only for commonly mistaken tags. It should not be used for obviously wrong things that no one would actually do (like blocking the combination )

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    I don't believe this is presently possible, but I like it
    – Unionhawk Mod
    Mar 27 at 21:13

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