I have learned that game piracy is considered off-topic in Arqade.

Does it also count as off-topic if we ask how to get free robux in ?


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Asking for users to give you free robux (or for that matter, any in-game currency) is definitely off-topic. We're a site about getting expert answers to gaming questions, rather than about requests for resources (free or otherwise).

However, if Robux is a currency that can be earned in-game, then asking for ways to earn robux (using tricks or methods that are easy/quick/repeatable etc) - that sort of question would be on-topic.


To add onto what @Robotnik said, even if you can't earn robux in game (which it seems like you can't, but nevertheless) it's still on-topic to ask if there is a way to get them at all, and it is not restricted to having to be obtainable without actually paying.

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