Refer to meta post Question incorrectly marked as duplicate of question about an unrelated game, where a question (Can I build infrastructure on a town's seed tile without affecting town growth?) was marked as a duplicate of two questions — one correctly, and the other incorrectly. The incorrect duplicate was (Pokémon Y megastone problem), which is a question about a completely unrelated game. The issue has since been resolved; the erroneous duplicate has since been removed from the list of duplicates, leaving only the correct duplicate:

List of duplicates

So far so good. However, the "Linked" questions has not been updated to reflect this. It still shows:

Linked questions

Pokémon Y megastone problem is still considered a "Linked" question. This is a bug.

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    Unfortunately, I don't see a way for moderators to edit the linked questions list in the same way that we can for duplicates – Unionhawk Sep 13 at 0:44
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    I have noticed this behaviour before: 'Linked posts' is pretty dumb, it just grabs any and all linked posts in the question, answers, and comments, irrespective of whether that post or comment is deleted. So it's still considered linked because there's a deleted comment that links to it. – Robotnik Sep 13 at 12:41

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