As the title suggests.....

By modded consoles, I mean consoles that have either hard or soft mods on them, such Free McBoot and RGH respectively. Additionally, by homebrew, I mean applications like OPL and ESR for the PS2.

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  • Considering we have a tag for homebrew I would say it's probably fine. Homebrew stuff draws a fine line between Arqade and Superuser though, so make sure to keep your question based around games (ie. if you were going to homebrew a PS2 to use as a PC, or as a media station or something, I would consider that off topic). – Kaizerwolf Aug 18 at 12:37
  • @Kaizerwolf, I honestly didn't know Arqade had a homebrew tag – GipsyD Aug 18 at 12:44

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