I would like to present a pa ir of questions, and another pa ir, and another question.

Each pair has a question about Minecraft JE and the same question for Minecraft BE.

One of the questions has a comment discussion on it asking for me to split the questions into one for JE and one for BE. It was closed as unclear/too vague, and after splitting it, it got reopened.

The last standalone question in my above links was posted recently. I am wondering whether it would be a good idea of splitting it too, but I didn't. Yet.

Most times, I am making the same map on both editions, and need an answer for both editions quickly. So I usually never bother making double questions, and just tag a single question with both and at once. Is this frowned upon?

What I need to know is:

  • Is the behaviour in my last paragraph above frowned upon?
  • Should I split the standalone question like I did with the pairs?
  • In the future, should I always, sometimes, or never split questions like these?
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