I like glitches, but I really don’t know much about games and their code. If I’m asking about a glitch (e.g. an iron golem falling through the floor in MC Dungeons), can I ask for specific code that may have caused this?

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Yes (or: no, you can't ask for specific code that may have caused a glitch.)

'Code' indicates someone would have to dive into the programming of a game. Apart from this not being something we tend to do in general, I presume most - if not all - cases will be closed as off-topic for falling under Game Development.
Even asking why a glitch or bug (by their very nature being unintended) occurs at all would fall under that umbrella.

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  • Do you know of any site that I could go o to find this stuff out? – Diehe May 31 at 19:48
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    @Diehe GameDev.SE or if you have code that needs fixing, StackOverflow. Beware: SO accepts only coding questions with code included. – dly Jun 1 at 8:30
  • No, it’s not my code that I’m wondering about. – Diehe Jun 3 at 0:54

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