Currently, if you click on 'Share', the URL that is generated uses the Stack Exchange URL, i.e.


This could/should use our custom, shorter URL like so:


Not only will this help solidify the site branding, but will result in share links using less characters in comments as currently lamented. What do you think?

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I can currently only see advantages using the arqade URLs. Those being the ones you bring up :)

I do wonder, however, if their might be obscure reasons not to do so - our current redirect address is still gaming.stackexchange.com, after all. I have too little knowledge of how The Innernette works to fully appreciate redirects and the effect it has on (HTTP) requests, server load (not too much, obviously, but if e.g. it helps save energy, it might be a worthwhile reason not to), and that kind of esoteric intricacies.

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