I noticed a suggested edit that added to a question with . Since Minecraft has been rather extremely updated in this regard, I think it warrants a meta discussion. I'm not hugely up-to-date on current Minecraft, so if anything is incorrect feel free to fix it.

In ye olden days, when Minecraft was PC-only, there was a separate application used as a server. This is still true, but I believe it is only for the java edition. See here

Now that most versions use the bedrock edition, the server functionality it built in to the game. Combined with additional confusion with the introduction of Realms, tagging questions about hosting Minecraft servers might need clarification.

The snippet reads:

If your question is about a specific game's dedicated server software, please use the tag for that game's software instead

and the wiki states:

If your question is about a specific game's dedicated server, please use the tag for that game instead, For example, use for Minecraft dedicated server questions.

Since Minecraft, for most users, no longer has a dedicated software for hosting, should we start using the tag for non-java versions, or continue with the tag for everything?

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