Now I don't mean to complain, but I was curious if perhaps the feature was not working.

According to the tag badge page golden tag badges are awarded for 1000 upvotes in a given tag (not counting wikis).

According to the [starcraft-2] tag. I've hit that number (actually I hit it over a week ago).

Now at first I thought, perhaps that number does not represent the correct number of upvotes, but I've been lead to believe otherwise

The number next to the user names reflects the number of non-community wiki answer upvotes for each user. This is the same algorithm used to award the tag-based badges, so if you ever wondered how close you are to getting one of those badges, now you know!

  • I suspect since Sam reworked this, the quoted text is no longer true. Checking into it. Oct 29, 2010 at 11:02
  • @Jeff this is a weird comment for me as my name is Sam... But I understand what you mean
    – tzenes
    Oct 29, 2010 at 15:47

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The calculation has changed and is not documented anywhere in public that I know of.

There are three variables here for tag-based badges:

  • minimum score
  • minimum # of total questions in the tag
  • minimum # of answers you have provided

(only non-cwiki posts count here)

right now for a gold badge that is

  • 1000 score
  • 100 questions total
  • 0.2 * 1000 = 200 answers

Since the current result for you and [starcraft-2] is

  • 1137 score
  • 437 questions total
  • 117 answers

the last one is why it's not being awarded.

We should probably have the /badges page document these minimum requirements as replacement variables in the sidebar. I think this was on our todo and it got forgotten.

Edit: this is complete; the tag-based badges page now properly documents these thresholds. Sorry about that.


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