I posted a question asking for recommendations of games, consoles, or other hardware or software, which was closed as off-topic for one of the reasons explained in this FAQ. Is there anywhere else I can ask for recommendations and suggestions?

This FAQ is part of a follow-up to this proposal in our 2019 Community Check-in. Please post one suggestion per answer, stating any relevant information such as how to use it or the rules of its community, and whether it applies to game recommendations, hardware recommendations, or software recommendations.


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The Gamingsuggestions subreddit on Reddit


This is a Reddit community focused specifically on suggesting games to play based on criteria given by the user. It just requires a free reddit account to use.

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The Bridge

If you have at least 20 reputation, you're welcome to join us in The Bridge, Arqade's main chat room. Most of the regulars have played quite a few games, and might be able to suggest a game, piece of software, or hardware according to your needs.

Remember that our Code of Conduct still applies and, since this is a chat room, messages can get lost in the flow. Don't repeat your question too quickly if you don't receive an answer, but it's fine to ask again after a few hours in order to reach different people who might live in different timezones.


Video Game Recommendation Engine


If you are looking for recommendations on what to play, you can give this engine 3 or more other video games that you enjoyed and its algorithm will find you plenty of similar titles! And it's free with no sign up!


Arqade is not a forum where you just talk, but you could use basically any forum for this or similar questions.

I recommend


It's a huge shop. Each game there has relevant discussion. Find a game you like, navigate to the general discussion forums, and ask "What are other games similar to this I can play?" Such questions are common.

Another option: Steam shop pages have suggestions with similar games at the bottom. This way you don't even need to ask anyone, just inspect each similar game yourself and you may find a good one.


Steam's Interactive Recommender

A new release by Valve, the Interactive Recommender analyzes games played by Steam users who have played the same games as you, trying to find games you might enjoy, given that they were enjoyed by people with similar tastes. It is, of course, limited to Steam games, and can only provide suggestions based on games you have played on Steam.



For recommendations about arcade gaming hardware / diy


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Currently operated by Twitch / Amazon, this is primarily a games database similar to IMDb, but it also offers a listing of games that are popular now (along with user / critic ratings) and highly anticipated, if you need a game recommendation.

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