About Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator: They are both truck simulators made by SCS Software with the same game engine and set of features with a couple of exceptions. As of 1.34 they are:

  • Maps (ATS is US States, ETS2 is European Countries)
  • Trucks (ATS is Peterbilt and Kenworth, ETS2 is Scania, Volvo and more)
  • Detours (ATS has them, ETS2 does not)
  • Specific Configuration Values (USD is on ATS and EUR is not, for example)

Because they are technically the same under the hood, I feel that the following types of questions should be edited to cover both games:

As an "ideal scenario", you can take What's the point of doing (ETS/ATS) World of Trucks External Contracts? as this question is tagged and applies to both games.

Should this be done when is possible?

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It is impossible to know, before asking, if the answer to a question is the same for both games, especially if you've only played one (or neither). Since the answers could differ and be in theory entirely unrelated, a question asking for both should be closed as "Too broad".

When asking about mechanics in two separate games, knowledge of one answer does not imply knowledge of the other answer, which either invites incomplete answers which only address one game, or alienates users who would be able to answer a question about just one of the games.

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