With the new Hitman game launching in a couple of weeks, I think it would be good to discuss tags for it ahead of time. This is complicated by the fact that they've decided to call it "Hitman 2", despite that being a game from 2002 - "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin".

With no subtitle, I think the best tag for this new game would be , or to be less ambiguous.

There is currently a tag for the original Hitman 2 with 2 questions: . This could be changed to or .

The plain tag is used for the 2016 game which was ostensibly just called "Hitman", although it was also marketed as "Hitman: The Complete First Season". As they decided against continuing the "series" nomenclature, it would probably be better to move these questions to . There's also one question tagged which is just odd.

If the 2016 questions were moved to then I'd suggest making a synonym for .

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I've gone ahead and renamed to . I've also added a description to to make it clear it's for the 2018 game:

For the 2018 Hitman 2 game developed by IO Interactive. Not be confused with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

Since it's not tied to any games the tag might be deleted and lose the description (honestly not sure), but if we need to create a new description we'll want to indicate it's for the 2018 game.

I've also renamed to .

I've left alone. We should either reserve the tag for the first game which hasn't had any questions, or just not use it at all to avoid confusion.

Finally I've gone ahead and approved your edit on this question, which effectively kills the tag as well.


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