Previously in my last question, I asked about if we can ask games about io games (There are hundreds of them). I see a few .io Tags now:

My question is, I think should just make one tag called (Not a tag yet) beacuse it would take too long and would be practically impossible making tags for each .io game. Or we could use that tag if the .io game isnt a tag yet. Or meaby could make a tag like (Also not a tag yet) for game that arent .io, but you can find on the internet.


You could use per example the for games that arent here yet, but that would be too vast for such a tag on a specific game.

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    "Practically impossible" - not really. Anyone with a certain amount of rep can create tags, or people can tag their question with something like pc and then flag/comment asking for the proper tag to be created, if they're not able to create it – Ash May 4 at 21:58
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    Think of tags as "areas of expertise". If a person is a really good (or 'expert') player, that doesn't automatically mean they are also an expert at '' or any other '.io' games - the games are different. A combined broad tag adds little value in this sense. – Robotnik May 4 at 22:11
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No. We answer questions that are specific to each game. There's no need for because it doesn't offer anything of value.

If it's a new game, use the closest tag possible. Someone will come along to edit the actual game tag into it soon enough.

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