I am using StackOverflow most of time.

Today I struggle for a few minutes (!) when wanted to ask a question at Arqade.

The reason was: I couldn't find the button to ask a new question.

Should we do something about it or you think it's not a problem?

This is how it looks at SO:

And at Arqade (meta is nearly the same):

enter image description here

My eyes were looking for a button at the upper right corner (which is correct), but my brains were limiting the screen to the white rectangle and the button suddenly "gone".

Another point is that button is barely visible: blue on blue.

The "easiest" thing to fix the problem would be to move that button into rectangle and put it right next to the number of questions. There is free space anyway.

I also see there are other posts, e.g. one complaining what it's not obviuosly a button. The change I proposed will fix this issue too I believe.


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This issue has been . The 'Ask Question' button has been changed to a standard button and moved to be more prominent:

Ask Question - Main Site

Ask Question - Meta Site

This was part of a broader push to standardize site designs across the network. All of the SE network sites including Arqade have been updated with a new layout (and design changes to match).

Arqade's site design rollout was announced & discussed here.

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