I really want some tags to be added to Arqade. Two of them are , and .

Don't say Scrabble is not online!

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Tags need questions in order to exist. If you have a question about these topics, feel free to ask a question, and give it a tag like , and a user with permissions to create tags will come by and create a more appropriate tag for you.

As for , such questions might be better suited at another site on the network, Board and Card Games, but it depends on the specific question. Questions about achievements in a Scrabble mobile game might be on topic here, but questions about the base mechanics of how double word score interacts with double letter score would likely not be.

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    On the scrabble point, we do already have individual game tags for scrabble-like clones, such as words-with-friends and classic-words, but they shouldn't be also tagged [scrabble] If there is an official 'Scrabble' app or digital game, that's when we'd use that tag. – Robotnik Oct 21 '17 at 22:06

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