I am an enthusiastic player of the board game called Go (Wikipedia on Go), as it's called in Japan and "the West". (It's known as "Baduk" in Korea, and "Weiqi" in China.) Though originally a board game, Go is now played widely over the internet, similar to Chess. And there recently was a media interest in Go when it became the last complete-knowledge game where computers defeated high-level professionals (Google DeepMind / AlphaGo).

There used to be a tag for Go on gaming.SE. It is now replaced with a synonym for PokemonGo.

I understand that PokemonGo has achieved more popularity in a year than Go has achieved in 2000 years. (I expect that Go will still be played 2000 years in the future, while I suspect PokemonGo may be, by then, long forgotten.) Still, it bothers me that Go seems to have been obliterated here. I find no trace of the (small handful of) questions that were here.

I participate here sporadically, or I would have voiced my concern sooner. Thanks for any guidance.


'Go' is a board game not a video game and therefore generic 'Go' strategy and gameplay questions are off-topic here. If you are looking for questions about the rules & strategies for Go, our sister site Board and Card Games handles this.

If your question is specifically about a video game rendition of Go i.e. features specific to that game version, you can ask it here. There was one question tagged 'Go' on Arqade, and it is now tagged (standing for the online 'Go' platform of the same name).

As for why 'Go' is synonymised with Pokemon Go, see this discussion - Synonyms exist to redirect common mistags or misspellings - Pokemon Go questions were being tagged 'Pokemon' <space> 'Go', requiring a lot of community effort to fix the tagging.

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