Personally I like building in Minecraft a lot, and What topics can I ask about here? is unclear on whether asking for ideas for designing (maybe it falls on the first bullet?), and so far I haven't seen such questions. So are these kind of question on-topic?

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  • That page is a good starting point - you should also take a look at What types of questions should I avoid asking?, which gives some criteria for questions that are off-topic. Asking for ideas would be a poll-type question, which would be off-topic. – Mage Xy Aug 3 '17 at 15:32

No, they are not. It's because the questions are totally subjective; there's no way to judge the value of an answer except by what the reader personally likes, making it a popularity contest. It's basically a vague, unbound list.

The only way this would work is if you had a specific, concrete build in mind, such as a cannon, and you were missing something that would make it work. "Why doesn't it fire?" That's objective, and answers just have to solve the narrow, focused problem.

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