I lost 5 reputation for a User Was Removed, and yet I upvoted!!! I was in the 90's of reputation and now I have 88 for the User Was Removed thing, why do I HAVE to lose reputation for User Was Removed even when you upvote that same user that was deleted! I looked at the info and did not understand why I lost reputation for the User Was Removed. It is so random!

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    There's a link right beside that reputation change. Here it is. You could have learned this without asking anything. – Frank Apr 22 '17 at 17:16

You lost 5 rep for the user being removed, because when a user is removed, so are any votes they made (with some exceptions, described in this Meta Stack Exchange post.).

So they likely upvoted a post of yours at some point, and then when they were removed, so was that vote, which is why you lost the 5 rep (so it was likely an upvote on a question).