If you navigate to the election page and then visit any of the previous election pages and click on the more information about the candidates, instead of showing the extra information, you get a Database Error saying, "Error establishing a database connection". I would imagine this has something to do with the recent change to using https.

  • I think we may have removed that link at some point between this being reported and now, no? I can't seem to find it anywhere, at least.
    – JNat StaffMod
    Apr 9 at 18:10

I found a Meta about this. To quote the answer:

Yeah, this is gonna be down for a bit; Tim Stone was maintaining it and Tim Post was hosting it. The domain, of course, was controlled by the company... Which is currently moving all se.com subdomains to HTTPS. This presents two problems:

  1. Tim Post can't continue hosting it, and we don't have an internal setup for hosting node.js apps.
  2. We can't keep it on that domain.

We're gonna try & figure something out, but don't expect it to be back for a little while.

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