My question, which I was just about to post on the Main Site of Arqade, revolves around Ro-Lua. Otherwise 'Roblox Lua'.

My question was to include some examples and to ask about certain Rotation-axis(es) and how to manipulate them - but it occurred to me, was the question based on Programming or Gaming?

As Stack Exchange has a network of many many sites, Stack Game Development being one of them, I thought that my question would have suited them.
Or as it had programmatic-al elements in it, it would suit Stack Overflow...
Or... really, should I just ask it here anyway?

Me and many others, as I know of, follow the rule of:
"If it's related to the game, include it anyway!"

So... what do you people think?

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Such a topic will be off-topic here on Arqade, but both Game Development and Stack Overflow have tags for Roblox Lua.

Some SE sites have some overlap, and that's ok. In the general case of overlaps like this you will be fine asking the question on whichever site you choose. If you want answers from developers/programmers in general, ask on Stack Overflow. If you want answers strictly from Game Developers, ask on Game Development.

My advice? If you're unsure, you should ask the communities on their respective meta-sites first:

We're mostly just gamers here, we can't give much more advice than that.

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    Great explanation! I'm thinking of headed to SE-GD. Thanks again! Commented Feb 27, 2017 at 22:23

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