I'm currently in the process of writing up an answer for another Arqader, in the field of Minecraft, which either requires the use of a lot of images or heavy emphasis through massive code blocks.

The question: How do I handle 'Arena-Only' Equipment?
If you've seen my answer to the above, you'll infer that I am considering the use of Code Blocks in a gaming site - not Stack Overflow.
I know that this is slightly unethical in a way, but is this a practice worth using?

To iterate again, my answer would consist of Lots of Programming or Images of a Redstone Machine. Please leave your comments, I am a tad stuck here.

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    See here for general guidelines for the use of code blocks and code ticks (inline code), but suffice it to say if your solution is code-like, and command block commands or plugin scripts are both code-like, then by all means use code blocks.
    – MBraedley
    Feb 10, 2017 at 14:04

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Ok. This is fine. Games these days increasingly include programming elements. There's no problem in using code blocks to include commands or even entire programs in your answer. The code block feature exists on all SE sites, and should be used for code-like things.

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