So a little while ago, I noticed my recent achievements button was green denoting I had gotten a new badge. I clicked on it and it displayed no new badges, but when I went to my profile it showed that my most recent badge earned was the Excavator one. I clicked on it to show which post I had gotten it from, but it only displayed the post I had originally gotten the badge from, and nothing indicating why I had gotten a new one. Now, when I look at my recent badges, it shows the Convention badge which I earned before I supposedly got the Excavator badge. Also my total bronze badge count on my profile for Arqade shows me having 50 of them, but if I count them manually, I only have 49 total.

enter image description here

enter image description here


It looks like this was broken and fixed.

Per Excavator and Marshal badges are being awarded over and over

We just did a major revamp of how badges are awarded behind the scenes to drastically reduce the load on SQL Server. It now takes advantage of some pre-compute work we're doing to track badge progress in the profile.

However, I screwed up 2 queries...

  • okay so as of tonight, the only evidence of this ever happening would be all the meta posts and confused people. got it
    – Dragonrage Mod
    Jun 7 '16 at 22:44

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