As you can see, the notches/knobs/things on the tags in the 'Top Tags' section of the user profile are not displaying:

enter image description here

It does seem to display on the top tag though.

As a side note, long tags seem to be shortened rather then displaying their full name. Is this a bug or a feature?


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(or ?) - Arqade no longer has tags that look like the bullets in the question's screenshot, so the formatting of tags in the 'Top Tags' place is now consistent:

Top Tags Section with new tags

This happened as part of the Stack Exchange Network-wide standardised site design rollout:

...there are several things that will now be standardized to follow the look and feel on Stack Overflow...

Standardized items will include:

  • Navigation
  • Fonts
  • Buttons/Icons
  • Tags
  • Newsletter ads

Arqade's site design rollout was announced/discussed here.

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