I have a Razer gaming keyboard, which comes with a software/driver package called Razer Synapse. This software is required to change many of the settings associated with the keyboard, such as lighting, macros, statistics, etc.

I was wondering where to ask a question earlier today. Even though Arqade is my main SE site, I was unsure wether or not my question would be on-topic at Arqade. So I think it might be a good idea to ask the community.

Are questions about software and drivers for gaming related hardware on-topic on Arqade?


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Razer Synapse falls under

  • Game-specific hardware and utilities

and is therefore on-topic.

Besides "help says it is on-topic", as gamers we are more likely to be familiar with this particular software than someone on superuser, for example.

That said, this is limited to software for actual gaming peripherals (subject to subjectivity) and only for use with games. A question about using a midi controller to control stuff in photoshop is off-topic.

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