Should we include both the title and level number in the title for these questions? It seems like both are needed to distinguish between questions. Stuck on level (a common phrase in question titles) is not sufficiently unique IMO, to distinguish between games (relevant meta) and the level seems to be needed to distinguish between different questions.

  • Note this discussion was brought up by this edit that was approved where the level and question number was suggested to be taken out of the title and into the body.
    – Aequitas
    Commented Jan 21, 2016 at 2:12

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I 100% agree that the title should have the level and question numbers in it. It's unfortunate that so many questions do not have these numbers which will make it difficult to find duplicate questions.

As for putting the game title into the question that I feel is less important but according to the highest answer on the meta you posted it is good to do so because of the ambiguity demonstrated in the image on that meta question.

If this feature was implemented I would say that we shouldn't include the game title in the question title. But since it isn't (and doesn't look like it will be) then I feel the best course is to put it into the question title.


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