I just updated the tag with a summary and main wiki. One element I feel is important in a series tag is listing all the games that would be included in that series. If available, I provide tag links.

This lead me to look up the available tags, and of the three available, all three show minor issue.

: In this case, the tag itself is valid. However, there is only one question being asked;

What is the differance between Rainbow Six 3: Gold and Rainbow Six 3: Athena Sword?

The original version was released on computer as Rainbow Six 3: Athena Sword, and while it was later released as "Rainbow Six 3" on console, the console version has some different content, and as I have observed previously, this in itself suggests the use of a separate title tag.

: Simply an inconsistency issue, but I am sure the extra two characters will not break the character limit. The tag should be , assuming deliberate consistency. This is the way it is spelt on the box, and in fact, every rainbow six game apart from the cancelled "Rainbow 6: Patriots".

: A tag created for a question regarding the beta of Rainbow Six Siege. That said, beta is a "pre-release" version, released to allow the game to be tested by a wider community before release. Furthermore, since this version will be replaced with the release version upon launch, there will come a time (within several months) where this tag will not relate to anything available to the general public. For this reason, I propose replacing it with . The tag wiki could make note of its current beta form, and be updated later.


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I agree with most of this, but for the record (and as mentioned in the linked question) as referred to is Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, which was expanded in (not released as) Athena Sword (this being the first expansion, not a separate game).
These were both combined in Rainbow Six 3: Gold (which was essentially what the GOTY releases these days seem to do).

Rainbow Six 3 is also the name of the release on consoles, as you note, though there are some differences in included content.

Based on the way we've previously treated stuff like (full name Risen 2: Dark Waters - showing that we have previously snipped extra title off for the shortened tag) and console-separate versions of games such as vs , I'd recommend we leave as the tag for all PC versions of R6:3 and create a tag if it ever comes up.

I can't imagine us getting any further questions about the original Xbox version of R6:3 (and the only question is about the PC version), so we're probably safe leaving it as is.

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