I request the "feature" of the mobile version of the site being able to create tags.

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  • If your feature request is intended to be implemented across the entire network, I suggest you use meta.SE. You would get a larger audience, with a greater chance of something happening. – angussidney Jul 4 '15 at 7:30

You're not the first person to want this functionality either for the mobile site or the official apps. Mind you, you can get around it by going to the full site on your phone as a workaround, or by using a different tag and leaving a comment asking for someone to add the proper tag.

There is a feature request to add this functionality to the mobile site, but as you can see, nothing really has come of it, as there is a large concern around incorrect tags being created due to autocorrect and other situations where things can get typed incorrectly on mobile devices.

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