I noticed that one of the answers I recently reviewed in the Low Quality Posts queue didn't allow me to 'Delete', but only to 'Recommend Deletion'. Another example here. (Normally, a user with 20K rep should be able to vote to delete answers in the Low Quality Posts queue.)

I've been reading this post in Meta SE: Recommend deletion is treated as a delete vote for 20k users, where it says that 'the "Delete" button changes to "Recommend deletion" when a 20k user runs out of delete votes', however I didn't get the 'You have reached the maximum of n Deletion votes per day' error message.

I am wondering if this is due to a recent site change or if it is a bug. I haven't noticed the 'Delete' button missing in other cases when reviewing an answer in the Low Quality Posts queue. I checked my review history and the examples I provided are the only ones I can find that are affected by this issue.

Can't seem to find anything else about this in Meta SE too. Is there a reason why the 'Delete' button was missing in my case?

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    Comments on MSE seem to indicate that this isn't supposed to be an intended change; maybe it was something local to Arqade itself? – childe Feb 16 '15 at 17:39

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