Many questions on Gaming SE can be answered by just posting a link.

As I just answered this question, someone else posted the same link but with no further explanation. Everybody knows that in a year or so this link might lead to a 404.

So it would be nice to encourage the user to summarize the concepts on the linked page. Probably a hint when adding links on answers or something similar.

What do you think about it?

In order to guard against misunderstandings: Copy&Paste of the linked (copyrighted) material is not a solution. But rephrasing of concepts/solutions would be nice.


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If a user simply posts a link to a resource, feel free to paraphrase the contents. You may do so in a brand new answer or (if you're feeling particularly generous) by editing the summary right in.

When users see that original content pays, they'll hopefully work harder for their answers in the future :)

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    Personally, I feel it's polite to at least comment on the answer and tell the user that more than a link would be helpful, before creating the similar-but-more-detailed answer. Assuming they aren't serial link posters.
    – sjohnston
    Sep 14, 2010 at 16:25

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