For example I want to set some tags in my profile (dota-2, world-of-warcraft, skyrim) so I can only see questions with these tags when I enter the website


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First way:

  1. Go to http://stackexchange.com/filters

  2. For (one-of-your-tags in your-tags)

    1. Fill "Just questions tagged with the ... tag" with one-of-your-tags
    2. Fill "Just these sites" with "arqade"
    3. Hit "add rule"


  3. Fill "What should this filter be named?" with any name you want

  4. Click "Save Changes"

Second way:

Simply bookmark this address:


  • I see what you did there. Here, let me do the same thing: while (true) { arqade.meta.reply("lol +1"); }
    – ave
    Nov 23, 2014 at 0:39

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